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    Reproduction Fat Chance Decals

    Bringing back an OLD thread. Are these still available?
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    1991 Yo Eddy "Bucket List" bike

    I just picked up this 1991 Yo. It's my first Fat Chance. It came with a box of parts. It was a rideable bike before being stripped for paint. I have the wheels too... Now to choose a color.
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    Fat City Cycles Frame Registry

    Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.): Yo! Frame number: 886Y1M Year of manufacture: 1991 Frame size: M Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Blac Location (city, state, country): Sherwood, Arkansas Owner name: James Galloway Photo, if possible:
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    Soooo, this just came into my life......

    Long story short...... This was and is still, a complete bike, (I'm getting the wheels next week). I've been lusting over owning a Fat Chance bike since I started cycling, and today, a dear friend hooked me up. I haven't a clue what year it is, other than what I've presented here. Anyway, help...
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    Where's a good place for Fat Chance and or Yo Eddy logos? I'm not finding much searching the Net.
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    Fat Chance wanted in Arkansas

    Looking for a bike near me. What have you?