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    Fat Chance Slim Chance Yo Eddy fork vs Enve.

    As above! Tell me!! I have a slim 2.0 with the enve fork. What am I missing? Why do I have this random itch to scratch, why do I need an Igleheart built yo eddy? Hahaha...
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    WTS: Enve 2.0 fork in aquafade for slim chance 2.0

    As in the pic. Do DM me for more photos. Want to sell this Enve as I intend to get the Igleheart segmented fork for my Slim. Don't wanna get the segmented fork without first moving this enve fork. Let me know if you are keen, or if you have an igleheart fork and want to trade! Cheers.
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    Want: Igleheart segmented fork for slim chance 2.0

    Want a segmented steel fork in aquafade for my slim 2.0! I have an enve carbon fork in aquafade currently. Would love to trade if anybody is interested. I know its a long shot but gonna try my luck. Otherwise, I will get Igleheart to build me one in the future :)