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  1. Wabbajack

    [Wanted] 23" Wicked or Wicked Lite

    Anyone with a Wicked or Wicked lite frameset with a loooong headtube ? Something 23" would be awesome :)
  2. Wabbajack

    Waiting Time for a 2.2 Frameset

    Hi guys, I know I should ask Chris directly by emailing him but, trying first here :) As the Fat Website has not been updated since a long time now, I was wondering if somebody could possibly tell me more about how are things going at Fat Chance ? Heard they were working at Steve Potts Facility...
  3. Wabbajack

    91 Grello Fade Yo - 2.0 Lavender Yo

    Hi everybody ! Fat Cogs being finally updated, here are the Two Yo I built the last two years. Hope you'll enjoy them :)