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    Chevy Chase 1988 Team Comp 21”

    I just got done restoring this 1988 Team Comp that originally belonged to Chevy Chase. It’s speculated that he had a browning automatic transmission installed on the bike which required crimping the chain stay for clearance. That area had caused rust so I had the chains stay professionally...
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    Wicked with Raised Yo Eddy on box crown

    This is a 1989 Wicked 18” womens model (shorter TT) with box crown and the Yo Eddy logo on the crown of the fork made with Weld bead. I believe this was done by Mike Pappaconstantine who designed the Yo Eddy logo and he also signed the frame. This was obviously a very special bike made for some...
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    1986 Fat Chance 18”

    18” Fat Chance kicker project for sale. Frame in very good condition with no dents or corrosion issues, paint & decals in good “rider” condition. BB in good shape, 120mm spindle. Seatpost included. NOS specialized direct drive cromo fork included (paint doesn’t match). Asking $250+ actual...
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    Trade my ML Yo Eddy for your L Yo Eddy

    **Update I ended up buying a Large late Yo. & sold my ML frame to Bike Jerk
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    Small/Medium 1997 Bro Eddy

    1997 Bro Eddy size S/M. Ridden by Chris Chance for about 6 months (while his ti fat was out of commission). Overall very little use since new. Some scratches. No dents. It's a'97 which means 1.1/8" headtube, rear brake cable routing for V-brakes, lighter tubing & the stronger dropouts...
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    1989 Wicked Eighteen Inch $450 I have seen this bike & can tell you 1st of all it's an '89 (not an '87 as the ad states). It's an 18". It's been ridden hard & put away wet but I beleive it's just got some minor surface rust. Built is mostly period correct XT stuff...
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    1986 Sold on ebay Seems like a pretty good deal...
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    trade sizes

    Looking to trade up to 21 inch frames. I have the following to trade: '87 Kicker 19.5" with tange prestige unicrown fork. '89 Team Comp 19.5" frame with original unicrown fork. Gp Wilson dropouts front & back :) '97 Bro Eddy Small Medium Let me know what you have in size Large (or 21") to...
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    Wanted: Yo Head Tube decal Pink

    I am looking for this exact head tube decal. Please let me know if you have one as I'd like to buy it (or trade if you're looking for anything). Cheers, Jon In case you cannot view the above photo you can also see it here:
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    Surprised No One has purchased this 1997 Yo Eddy At $400 including shipping I think this frame is a steel (no pun intended). It's a Large so you gotta be big but it's a late Saratoga built Yo Eddy which means it used the...
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    My '97 CC Roadbike

    I bought a '97 Chris Chance roadbike 58cm, Saphire Fade on ebay back in May & subsiquently rode it from San Francisco to Los Angeles in June, 555 miles. I had done this ride many times before but always on an alluminum bike. The True Temper CC roadbike with segmented fork was an absolute joy to...
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    30 Year Fat City T-Shirts

    Hi Folks, Chris Chance co-designed & Ordered these T-shirts for our 30yr gathering that we had in Vermont last Fall. There are some leftovers & they are for sale. Long Sleeve in Light Blue, Black Logo on Back $30 Each S, M, 2XL <-- only sizes left Short Sleeve in Black, Yellow Logo on Back...
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    1" Threadless Stem around 100mm & +15 or 17d rise

    This is for a road bike so 26mm Road handlebars (but if you have a 25.4 Mountain. it might work too). Let me know what you have available; I'd like to get a Salsa, Sychros, Thomson or other high-end threadless stem but it must be 1" with a rise at least 15degrees & in the range of 90-100mm...
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    1985 ti Fat Chance

    Nice write-up Martin! This is arguably the first ti Mountain Bike ever made!
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    It's ALIVE!!....

    Well it's almost alive. On an impulse I bought the large '92 Monster here on Fatcogs a couple of weeks back. It arrived in rough condition but certainly will make a good rider. The UN52 Sealed BB was totally seized! All of the rust is just surface rust so I am not too concerned. I had the...
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    56CM Slim Chance 1992

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    Mike Ramponi's Pink Bike

    So I picked up the pink Mike Ramponi Fat Chance from ebay a few weeks back. It was described as a '91 Wicked; it's actually an '89 Team Bike (someone added a new set of wicked decals over the original non-wicked decals). The last 2 digits in the serial are "TB" which I assume stands for Team...
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    Trade my 56cm Slim Chance for your 60cm??

    I just bought this 56cm 1992 Slim Chance in beautiful condition (it was advertised as a 58cm but it's definitely a 56cm). It's too small for me (I am 6'2"). Ideally I'd like to trade it for a 60cm either Slim Chance or Chris Chance road bike. Let me know what you've got. Mine is Banana Yellow...
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    '93 Paramount Series 80 Tange Lugged Frame

    Asking $300 for the frame with the matching Judy XC & Syncros Seatpost +shipping. I bought the bike brand new back in the summer of '93. I don't have the original fork. Most of the parts have been scavenged for my fats. Measures Seat Tube 20.5 c2c & top tube 23.5 c2c. An exact model of this bike...
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    Grafton Joystix non-drive side crank arm 175mm

    I just realized that my non-drive side Grafton Crank Arm has a stress crack. Bummer! Perhaps someone has damaged the other side or has a spare? Mine are silver 175mm. Let me know. Cheers, Jon