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    unicrown forks

    in a given year, was the unicrown fork on a Wicked the same as one on a regular Fat Chance? I believe that the answer should be yes, just have not taken the tools out to check, figured that someone on here would know....thanks
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    1990 Team Comp

    having problems uploading pictures, I can send them to you upon request serial number 05849TC, size 19.5", color bright yellow. Has a decal from D & D East, was probably re-painted at some time in the past? Has unicrown fork derailleurs & shifter - Deore XT stem - Ritchey/Nitto handlebars -...
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    1994 Yo Eddy Harlequin SS M/L

    Looking to sell 94 Yo Eddy with black/silver Harlequin paint scheme. Bike was re-painted by Russ Pickett at Air Art in Chico (he famously painted Mountain Goats BITD) a few years back and ridden very little since that time. Paint is beautiful (and very expensive), I could only find a couple of...
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    Zebra painted Fat - 16"

    I am having trouble posting pictures, will try to figure it out, can also send pictures on request. This is a bike that my daughter used when she was younger, would be good for someone else wanting to do the same. At one time it was in the collection at First Flight Bikes. The paint is ROUGH...
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    Yo Betty

    Ordered this 10" frame (and two others) when Fat City announced that they were closing up shop in New York. Colr is Raspberry Ice, serial number is YB 10 065. Built it up for my wife, but it has rarely been ridden. A basic XT build with Marzocchi fork, Thomson post, Titec stem, Easton carbon bar...
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    Fat frames for sale

    86 Fat Chance - serial number 86846 - lime green - 19.5" seat tube, 22" top tube. I believe that the paint and decals are original, but unfortunately the paint is trashed. I was always torn between re-painting and keeping the original paint. Not a common color for this age frame, in my...
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    Cinelli stem

    looking for a Cinelli 26.4 stem for my Slim Chnce. I think the one that I have is a 135 but as I get older I feel the need for something a bit shorter. I think something in the 110-125 range perhaps? I know that these show up on ebay, but I would prefer to deal with someone here if possible. No...
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    86 FC frame

    selling an 86 Fat Chance frame - 19" seat tube (center to top), top tube is 22 1/2" center to center). Has above-bottom-bracket cable routing, paint is original and neon lime green (powder coat I believe). Paint is fairly rough, you will likely want to re-paint. Some surface rust where paint has...
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    OK, taking a cue from Rody (tandem thread), I would be interested in knowing how many of the Shock-a-Billys are out there. Does anyone still have one that they still ride? How do they compare to the newer FS bikes? As for myself, I would like to have one of the second generation bikes, but have...
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    Fox RLT shock

    I have a 2006 Fox RLT front shock (threadless, 1 1/8", disk only) that I cannot use and would like to sell or trade. My first choice would be the exact same shock with cantilever brake mounts, but I would consider other comparables. This is a great shock, brand new, never been used, but I...
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    Fat Chance for sale

    OK, time to make some more space in the garage, so I am looking to sell one of my Fats. I can't read the serial number because it is somewhat filled in with paint, but judging by the components, I would guess that the bike is about a 1988 (although it does not have a u-brake as do most 87-88...
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    Wicked frame/fork

    I have a Wicked frame for sale, 18", I think that it is a 1990 (can't recall the serial number without checking). It was repainted by Fat City in the early 90s and never built back up. It is a beautiful blue with white decals, I have never seen another Fat in this color. It has BB bearings...
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    YO bottom bracket

    The green YO frame for sale on e-bay has a press-in BB. My recollection was that the Yo always used a "regular" thread-in BB. Not having an early Yo, I'm just going by memory. Can you folks with early bikes help me out? Thanks, rick
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    XS/S Fat

    I would like to find a small or extra-small (10" or 12") Fat for one of my kids. Model is not important, might even be able to get away with a 14" Wicked, if someone has one of those. Either a frame or complete bike would work and condition is not important either. as I would probably go through...
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    Buck Shaver frame

    Black w/yellow decals, size is medium, average condition Comes with Shimano BB and Fat City seat post clamp. E-mail me for pics and serial number. Same geometry as a Yo for less $$$. $200 + shipping