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    White industries cassette

    In need of a cassette to fit a 30 year old white industries hub - building (the shops building it) a 1990 (i think) YO Eddy
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    Front rack on a Yo Eddy ???

    Wanting to put a rack on my Yo eddy - Does anyone have suggestions ? Options of drilling the beautiful Yo fork or having a tab welded don't really seem that appealing - whats everyone's take on it ? Appreciate the opinions - Daved43
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    Yo Eddy smedium...don't tread on me

    Early nineties from somerville mass..had it since then...shimano DX platforms and street tires now, when it used to be panaracer smoke/dart combos and spd's !!!! I know the pic sux...I'll repost during the daytime...also have a 17'' (large??) black yo w/ a dent thats been in pieces for years !
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    yo 4 sale (maybe)

    have a black yo eddy frame with a top tube dent..about 17 inch from bb to mid of top tube.....not a complete bike- don't want to sell it but need the $$$$$...real talk///let me know what it's worth..dave--i know the pic sucks. all i have for now. daved43@hotmail
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    2 fats for sale onn bay area craigslist....

    if you go to and click on bay area california and then type in fat under the bike postings two seperate fats will appear...see, just like magic. one is a greenish cyclecroos 1999 frame and fork,,, and the other is a bluish fat with a rockshock for 800 bucks.......I already have 2...
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    cranky question about that green yo w/xtrs

    Can someone tell me how there are xtr cranks in the green yo eddy from the for sale forum ("has this bike ever been ridden" or something like that.----is that a kook move? i have a yo i am going to build up and happen to also have the xtr cranks that were for a different project. What bottom...
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    one inch susp forks,,blown out, tired, done?

    Who has a need or a use for these old relics? I posted about them a while back but didn't have a digital camera,,,so here they are...lemme know what you think,,,dave inch..threaded? maybe cut down, def. blown need of attention.
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    one inch old blown out forks! (suspension)

    Fatso's-Before I officially put these up for sale (with pics and prices) is there anyone who WOULD be interested in an old one inch suspension fork--or is it all about the box crown and the big one inch? rock shox (the gold one) or a Marzocci adjustable fork that is also gold in color. The...
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    What the? old fat chance 300 cali- bra!

    There's another fat on bay area this one says it has some suntour parts and a gel seat. C'mon somebody get over there and pick this thing up! i just saw the posting and it's one pm pacific standard time here in california. Lemme see what else passed through my fingers if you...
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    monster fat 400

    just to let you all know, there's a monster for four hundo on (sf bay area) it's the newest post right now (10;00 PM PACIFIC time zone feb 25th) hustle if you want it, just post a pic so i can see what i let slip through my own fingers. sheesh, if i only had 400 bucks! I already...
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    old 86 fat chance

    for those on the quest; there is an old fat chance (86) i think that is white with various numbers all over it (graphics??) anyways it is for sale 300 dollars at the bike hut in san francisco,,,more info can be found on craigslist bay area... peace out.