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    '88 Wicked with Reynolds 531 Box Crown & Unique Paint

    Just wanted to share this old picture of my long-lost Wicked which I bought used a few years after it was made. I've never seen another with the same paint scheme. The main triangle was white with black dots and pink triangles of differing sizes and shapes. I've always wondered if it was a...
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    1"Quill Stem w/26.0mm bar clamp (CC Road bike)

    No longer than 10 cm reach, no less than 90 degree angle. Ideally it would be black, a North American brand like Synchros, Salsa, Control Tech, Dean, American Classic, Moots, Ritchey... This is for a 2000 Chris Chance Road bike. I started with a 130mm, 73 degree Syncros stem, then switched to...
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    58cm Chris Chance road bike w/ 9 Speed Dura Ace

    Pictures coming - or maybe a link to pics. I was unable to upload due to small allowable file size. I am posting this now even though I'm not organized with any decent pictures to motivate myself to get the pictures up soon. $1,200 for complete bike. I am the original owner and got the...
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    Want 1 1/8" BOI, trade for L grello Yo frameset?

    Never mind... I'll just upgrade some parts on the old grellow Yo
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    Large Yo - not NOS but excellent condition $700

    Large Chameleon Saratoga Yo - excellent condition $550- for frame, Manitou SX Ti fork, and WTB grease guard headset Approximately 200 miles on this bike - same for almost all parts. It has a few scratches (detailed pictures pending), but generally in excellent condition. Serial # YO L 2106...
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    Used Syncros Ti 29.4mm X 330mm double swab holder

    I suppose it could be used as a seat post in a pinch. Previously mounted on a 1991 Yo $400 obo -Max
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    58cm grello/blue Slim or 58cm Cherry C.C. Road bike

    I've got two road bikes and am seeking to sell either one of them (but not both). Pictures: More pictures coming….. - 1990 58 cm Slim Chance, grello/navy blue, BOX CROWN FORK $900- (I...
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    Mid/Late 90's Large Chameleon Yo $900.00

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    1989 Team Comp 21" $600.00

    21” 1989 Team Comp (serial #12196TC - does this jive with 1989?), that I bought it for $600 on Ebay perhaps 5 – 7 years ago and it was missing a few parts (brakes, maybe levers) that I replaced and then I never rode it much at all. My preferrence is to sell to a local (San Francisco Bay...
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    1988 21" Team Comp for sale

    1988 Team Comp w/ GP Wilson dropouts, fork tips, and bottle opener. $650- 181 mm Cooks Bros cranks Ti BB spindle Deore XT 7 speed derails/shifters Ti one-piece stem/handlebar flex stem Bullseye hubs w/ Mavic hard anodized rims Newer dia-comp brake levers and Tektro canti brakes It's got its...
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    Med. Saratoga-made blue Yo for sale

    Frame only. It's probably a 1994-1995 (because the cones on the ends of the stays are shaped from the stays rather than a separate piece welded on - and serial number is Saratoga format but not a large number [YO M 457]). Threaded BB, 1" headset compatible headtube, headtube length (about 90mm)...
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    53cm Cyclo Cross in Chameleon

    From Craigslist San Francisco bay area
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    Wickedness yes, but at what price?

    Is it me or are these asking prices too high? little Wicked big Wicked On the other hand somebody might be interested in this Buck
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    What's up with box crown forks??

    Hey- I've got some general questions about the box crowned forks (which I love). I noticed MikeyNYC has them on both a 1988 and 1990 Wicked. What years were they used on the Wickeds - were they an option or did all Wickeds of a certain period come with them? I've got a 1990 Slim with a box crown...