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  1. I-ROBOT

    Vintage 1987 Fat Chance Trails frame/bike 26" front wheel, 24" rear wheel

    Super-rare TRIALS frame! It's been bastardized with a derailleur mount and a suspension fork but it is a true TRIALS frame (not trails, like the ad says)
  2. I-ROBOT

    1994 Fat Chance Ti Titanium Fat City MTB Frame

    SOLD, somebody got a good deal for $1350
  3. I-ROBOT

    Fat Chance Wicked Frame 19in

    SOLD according to ebay ad
  4. I-ROBOT

    Fat Chance Titanium Circa 1993 - All Custom Parts $2500 SOLD

    Thanks for the kind words as usual. I like the black outline decals on this. Haven't seen that before on a TI frame Scott
  5. I-ROBOT

    '88 Wicked with Reynolds 531 Box Crown & Unique Paint

    It's definitely a custom but I can't think of anyone in the shop who had a 21" Wicked like that, so it's likely a custom order. I don't know anything about the significance of the paint / graphics but we were doing all kinds of weird stuff for those who were willing to pay for it. The...
  6. I-ROBOT

    My wicked lucky wicked fat.

    That's a steal!! A decent 19.5" Wicked and that would have been the 1249th frame built in 1989 so I would put it around late September or early October of '89. Things were cranking in the old Olive Square shop then. Treat her well Scott
  7. I-ROBOT

    Pinhole in BB shell joint

    Somehow I sensed the page! hahaha Since you've gone to the trouble of blasting and powder coating, the cheapest fix is to patch with a drop of epoxy. If there is no obvious corrosion around the pinhole, then it will not be that likely to grow any further. Make sure the bike is wiped clean and...
  8. I-ROBOT

    Waiting Time for a 2.2 Frameset

    An email went out to the mailing list members this past Thursday Feb. 10, 2022. First communication I've seen from them in a long time Scott
  9. I-ROBOT

    Top tube rust control and paint crawl

    I would be very surprised to see a top tube rusting from the inside out. In fact, i would say it's nearly impossible since there are no vent holes in either the head tube or the seat tube. If there is moisture inside the top tube, it is there from the day it was welded. I suppose there is a...
  10. I-ROBOT

    Wicked with Raised Yo Eddy on box crown

    Wow! That is so cool. I'm sorry that I really have no memory of this. I will say that the Yo Eddy head rendering in weld bead was likely done by one of the welders and not by Mike P. I don't ever remember seeing Mike do any TIG welding. He did do quite a bit of the silver brazing as part of the...
  11. I-ROBOT

    FAT Ti Small $2K

    I'm not 100% sure, but likely just related to demand. There must have been higher demand from shorter riders for the small size versus the demand for the M, ML, or L sizes. Wish I had the cash, I would snap this up for the wife. Regards Scott
  12. I-ROBOT

    Rare or Cool FATs thread and pics that got lost in time…

    Anybody that had a polished TI frame in the shop did it themselves. I don't think we ever farmed any out to be polished but I could be wrong at this point. Scott
  13. I-ROBOT

    Rare or Cool FATs thread and pics that got lost in time…

    Unfortunately, I do not. For most of the time at the Linden St shop, I just kept the hood down and the bright light on. I saw the writing on the wall about a year before Somerville went under. At that point, I was just playing out the string. Oh well Scott
  14. I-ROBOT

    SOLD -1991 Yo Eddy M $1000

    The color is actually Candy Wild Cherry which was a stock color. The fork is a regular Yo fork and not a Big One Inch (oh well). Looks like a nice candidate for restoration. Hopefully the inside of the seat tube is not rusted (common problem on early Fats of all types). I cannot tell from the...
  15. I-ROBOT

    FAT CHANCE Titanium 1994 Large

    Love it! Where did you get the decals? Scott
  16. I-ROBOT

    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    Neat looking bike, interesting chain stay treatment. So I'm guessing front derailleurs are a thing of the past now? Hope to see it in person some time Scott
  17. I-ROBOT

    Rare or Cool FATs thread and pics that got lost in time…

    Wish I had a clear memory of the TI SAB's. It would make sense that we made more than 1. We had the tooling for the steel SAB and the TI version was not that different. We had to make a fixture that actually pushed the top of the seat tube back while the gusset tube was welded. The shrinkage of...
  18. I-ROBOT

    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    I hope this damned pandemic ends soon and that I win the lottery so I can come to Europe again and meet up. That would be so much fun Regards as always Scott
  19. I-ROBOT

    1992 Catalogue

    1992 was such a tumultuous year. We all thought the new place on Linden St was going to be really good but none of us knew what Chris had to give in order to get it and it wound up being the death of FCC Somerville. Personally, I became a dad for the first time and my head was spinning from...
  20. I-ROBOT

    Help ID'ing Yo Eddy Paint Color

    I know we used Dupont Imron paint but I have no idea what that code might be. Imron is probably part of Axalta Coating Systems now since Dupont spun off that business. Try looking at their website. Good luck! She's an oldie but a goodie. Appears to be in decent shape Regards Scott