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    FAT CHANCE Titanium 1994 Large

    You found white Tomac Attacks! I have been watching for a pair of those for ages, & thought about just molding my own. I knew they existed.
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    FAT CHANCE Titanium 1994 Large

    Looks great Stinger, it’s really great to see it done up so well too. & the Fatlanta decals turned out great! I tried to do that when I had it but got hung up trying to get velocals to do the “Titanium” side. …the hunt for a M/L continues…
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    Rare or Cool FATs thread and pics that got lost in time…

    I think the story was there were 4 (or 5?) made. I worked on acquiring that one back when it was up, but as I recall, in the end the frame did sell for the full $4500 the seller was asking.
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    Trade: a medium Ti Fat for this small Ti Fat. -$0

    Just wanted to take a minute and update everyone, the small Fat Ti did ship out. Congrats to Jason, & thanks to everyone for your patience. Hotwheels, had the deal fallen though, I would have jumped on your trade, since that was my original intent. Bummer on the timing. ...if you find...
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    Trade: a medium Ti Fat for this small Ti Fat. -$0

    Hi everyone, sorry for the delay, since the semester started back up I haven’t found the time to spend dealing with the bike stuff. It had been spoken for, will update the thread either way.
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    Trade: a medium Ti Fat for this small Ti Fat. -$0

    If you have a decent Med mass-built ti fat, and feel its slightly on the large side, we have the opposite issue. Shoot me a note and we'll swap. Otherwise, it's going back up on the bay with everything else.
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    Latest FAT Ti review.

    I've owned mostly carbon frames back to the beginning of time, but have also owned a couple dozen ti frames from botiquey builders of all sorts. I don't see how anyone could try to compare a ti frame to a carbon frame at any quality level. We might as well be comparing coffee makers to phases...
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    Butt Cheap ‘86 Frameset.
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    Ti Fat - Wishbone rear end - Size M/L

    That's all I really need in life.
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    Fat Chance Mixte bike - ???

    What the... Thought it was a fake but looks like the typical FC period correct build on it. Seller making a carnival game out of pricing it.
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    Fat Wicked, Yo, Ti, parts + more

    I'd like to unload about 30 large-ish items clogging up my shop before Jan 1. Anything not sold by then will hit eBay in the spring. Pictures uploaded to photobukkit: Click on the Fatcogs link on the lefthand side to...
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    Bro Eddy in Portland
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    Supersized grello wicked in Durango
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    1994 Fat Chance Titanium L, + Syncros Ti & Campy seatposts, + a Yo Eddy.

    Thing 1. '94 Fat ti -Sold.
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    fillet brazed Mt Goat trials bike

    look at this thing funky
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    Thank you to priceman and singlespeedr

    for endlessly cluttering up the Fat Chance ebay search with your huge piles of non-Fat Chance items.
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    Black Ringle 26.8 Moby Seatpost

    Going on a mostly NOS bike, so ideally one not scratched or faded. Will trade, ass grass or cash.
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    New shoes to match your Fat Team kit Oh wait, they're for road. Could always drill some holes in the bottom and pound some spikes in there. :)
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    59c Chris Chance road warrior
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    Calvin & Hobbes

    I always wondered if Calvin's dad was riding a Yo Eddy... Yep.