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    Extra small wicked lite frame only.

    In great shape, late 90’s I think. S/N - WL14048. Pretty silver/ green fade don’t know what they called it. Asking $300
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    looking for a suspenion stem

    Hi, don't know much about em, but would like to smooth out the ride on the rigid wicked without changing the fork Thanks, Snaps
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    What year did the wicked lite change head tube size?

    Just curious. thanks
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    Roc Shock suspension seat post

    A guy threw one of these in(minus hardware) when i bought a sid anyone use one of these? It fits on the wicked lite i just got. Dont know it its worth the added weight.Do these go back to the 80's? Also(and im not a weight fanatic} whats the lightest youve got a wicked or wicked lite...
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    did they stop making the wicked lite in 1994?

    and if so, theres no such thing as a new york/serotta wicked, rite? just curios mombat says they ended in 94 yet theres mention of newer wickeds on here??? thanks, Joey
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    looking for a wicked unicrown fork

    any color will do thanks!
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    deciphering wicked serial no

    Hey guys, WL 14048- Trying to figure out the year and size. the frame seems smaller than i thought wickeds got {16.5??}did they add a super small size when they moved to new york? thanks a whole bunch
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    wicked with tange switchblabe fork?

    Hi everyone, Its official, Im a Fat owner, not just a oneabee/forum lurker. Got a 87 wicked that came w/ a switchblabe fork. Anyone familiar w/ this combo? snaps