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    Where is everyone?

    Vive le fat Memory are forever
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    Help help .....rasta

    All things Rasta.....
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    Hi from uk

    I need some stoplights not in black or silver colours colours more colours. Also a Chris king 1 inch threaded. Rasta would be nice or 3dv
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    Fat saddle

    I'd love a fat saddle, where they in any other colour than black, how difficult to find?
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    Kooka rasta

    Kooka rasta seatpost 29.4 or below
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    Anyone got some heds for me,
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    Fat chance.... But it is xmas

    Anyone got any fat shorts , Well not big guy shorts, fat chance shorts, fat chance I know, but I thought I'd take a chance, don't need to be fat I'm a size 32, so if there is a Chris kringle out there, or even a Chris chance with a stash, I need some please. Wow what a riddle Stevie
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    Fitting ringle holey to fat yo Due to the spacing and the difference between original yo seat collar and ringle holey, how did you all manage to fit holey seat collars????????? Stevie
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    28 hole front hub

    Looking for a 28 hole hub, bubba superbubba etc pulstar............ Anything really!
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    Looking for hed

    Sorted Found
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    What you got rasta, looking for lots,
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    wtb: kooka rings

    Hi everyone I do need some kooka chainring preferably red or gold compact 94mm 5 bolt 36 or 38t Thanks stevie
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    Swap my blue Paul'srear mech for a rasta or purple help help help Stevie
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    Klein graffiti

    More more more And
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    splash ringle

    Splash ringle on eBay but not original re anodized along with the fat fingers he's selling Nice but original is still the king.
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    purple Grafton re entry

    Please anyone although I am UK stevieb
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    UK yo aqua

    Summers coming to the uk nearly time for riding this baby but............. Do you know what I'm thinking!
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    spotted aqua yo

    Hi spotted online @ lbs serious original and totally unbelievable parts list You gotta comment its worth it take a peek. Now up a Klein storm not a yo but you have to appreciate a top resto !!!!
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    mmmm yo aquafade!!!!!

    Seriously Have a look !!!!! Scroll down, pics mmmmmmm delic, Check out the parts literally everything you always dreamt of and more irreplaceable!! Send the comments through the roof keep the legend alive and kicking let the new fat chancers know the history there buying into! And know a...
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    yo aquafade

    In Germany yo splash