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    Nice 18" Wicked lite on ebay

    Finally decided to sell my Wicked lite. Im not sure how to create a link, but its auction #140289977066.
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    wicked lite price?

    Im thinking of selling my beloved 1993 wicked lite. I bought new in 94 from Belmont Wheelworks, rode it for a couple of years and then had it repainted by Fat in the team violet color. Its in very good condition(some scratches but NO dents or rust)and built with a mix of period correct...
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    anybody see this on Ebay?

    Im not sure if this link will work,but its a pretty nice looking Chris Chance road frame. Anyone know the seller? Its my size,also!
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    Wanted: Chris Cross frame/fork

    Im looking for a 53 or 55cm Chris Cross cyclocross frameset in any condition,but prefer good to excellent. Anybody have or know of one thats for sale? My home email is Thanks!
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    Chameleon green color

    :?: Does anyone know if the chameleon green mettalic color offered in 95 or 96 was a custom blend of paint or a stock PPG color? Im thinking of doing a re-paint on one of my frames and would like to switch to this color. Thanks!