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  1. Kirk Pacenti

    FS: Odds and Ends I've got more stuff that I need to clean, organize and list, but here's the first of it.
  2. Kirk Pacenti

    Custom Paint....

    A friend just showed me this... Darin seems to be a pretty good painter! I don't know him personally, so I can't really make a recommendation but I thought some here may be interested. Darin Wheeler cell: 512-294-1492
  3. Kirk Pacenti

    Yo on Ebay no relation to the seller, etc, etc. The guy really botched the repaint on this thing... who knows maybe it will go cheap!
  4. Kirk Pacenti

    In Case Anyone Here Is Interested...
  5. Kirk Pacenti

    FS: Fox Float RL

    COG's, I have a new, never used, never installed 2003/2004 Fox Float RL shock for sale. It's 200mm eye to eye and in perfect condition. $250.00 shipped. (Conti USA) I also have a new X Fusion Prime 02 shock. This is new, but has been installed (never riden). Some nicks in the decal from...
  6. Kirk Pacenti

    OT: Happy Fathers Day!

    Fella's, I'll be busy with the family tomorrow, so I thought I'd wish all the Dad's here a Happy Fathers Day, today. Have a great day Dads! Maybe we can all show off our pride and joy here? Here's our son Chance Albert sitting in his favorite basket! (Yes, his name has a little to do with...
  7. Kirk Pacenti

    ebay outing

    No relation to seller...blah, blah, blah Dang...wrong size agian! Enjoy,
  8. Kirk Pacenti

    WANTED: M/L Yo Eddy 92-94

    I am looking for a Medium-Large Yo Eddy frame, with team fork. I would also prefer a 1992-1994 model year. But any model year, in any condition will be considered. If you have one for sale or trade, please contact me at Cheers,
  9. Kirk Pacenti


    What is the consensus here, do we like twin seat stays as on most Fat models or the whisbone of the Ti, Monster and Buck Shaver? The tradishionalist in me says seat stays all the way, but the Manufacturing Engineer in me says whisbone! What say all of you? Cheers,
  10. Kirk Pacenti


    When did Fat City close down for good (NY location), was it in late 1996? I chcecked the archives, but could not find any thing. Cheers,
  11. Kirk Pacenti

    Tubing Update

    Dear COGS, Response to my NOS Columbus tubing has been overwhelming, thank you all. I did want to mention that I am completely out of SLA tubes and running low on everything else. My desire is to have all of the tubing "spoken for" before I actually receive it in the next week or so. If you...
  12. Kirk Pacenti

    Build You Own Bike Frame!

    Anyone here interested in building their own frames? I have a small stash of NOS Columbus tubing that I am selling really cheap. If you have ever wanted to try building a frame, this may be an inexpensive way to get started. The tube kits (SL KL SLA SLB SP & PL) include 11 tubes in the...
  13. Kirk Pacenti

    Ebay Outing

    no relation...killer deal too bad it is too small for me!
  14. Kirk Pacenti


    "official" Color???? Anyone have the PPG # for the "official" Fat Chance team color? You know, that really cool lavender color that all the team bikes were painted? like this: Cheers,
  15. Kirk Pacenti

    TOMAC(s) - FOR SALE - pictures attached

    TOMAC(s) - LOWER PRICES I am still selling the 2003/2004 Tomac 98 Special Pro(s), but now as frame sets only. I have one medium and one medium-large frame set for sale. The Med-large frame includes Litespeed Ti stem, Easton aluminum Monkey bars and Cane Creek head set and Manitou "Black Elite"...
  16. Kirk Pacenti

    2003 Tomac picture I also have a MED LARGE frame set for sale as well. $1,000.00 shipped, Continental US only. Ciao, Kirk Pacenti
  17. Kirk Pacenti

    FS: 2003 Tomac 98 Special Pro

    This is a like new 2003 Tomac 98 Special Pro frame set (MEDIUM). Proffessionaly assembled and maintained by me and ridden very lightly by my wife (3 rides). It comces with a King head set, Controltech stem and Manitou Black (white in color) Elite disk only fork, and Fox rear shock. All the parts...