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    Fat Chance Toothpicks

    Repros in thicker stainless steel. Pics and details in the link below. :)
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    UK painter, any recommendations?

    Hi, I need a fork painting in a Harlequin scheme, so not the easiest job. Anyone have any contacts who could do this please? Cheers. :beer:
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    Toothpick thread size??

    Anyone know the thread size of the toothpick studs please...I'm guessing they're imperial?
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    BB size question.

    Hi all, I'm a newcomer to all this Fat malarkey, but have been a long term fan. I have a '97 Yo which I'm gonna fit with a Syncros Revo crank...any idea what size BB I should buy as to not foul the beautiful frame? Cheers, Mart.