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    Umm? Seriously?
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    Shimano 732 Canti's black

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    Anyone know where I can find these ferrules? They're for an 84 Fat I'd like to finish up.
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    Team Comp repaint

    I have an 89 TC that is in need of paint. I have trouble ordering of a menu so deciding what color could take years. I searched Team Comps to get an idea. There's a blue one owned by a guy who goes by the name FilletBrazed on MTBR. He's on here as well,cant remember if name is the same. What...
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    Happy New Year

    Wishing you all a happy healthy and safe new year. Tom
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    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas to you all. I hope Santa Clause is good to you. Tom
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    New record

    Just noticed the most members online record was bested on 12/4. Solid work gentlemen!
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    Looking for decals for a wicked. I see threads here and there but not sure who's still in the game. Any thoughts?
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    90 Ritchey P-23

    Posted this on another site. Figured I post it here too.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Enjoy the day!
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    93 yo eddy

    [/IMG] Picked this up on fleabay. Seller was brand new, but communication and packaging was perfect. Nicer shape than I thought. Now the hunt is on for M900 parts Ps. if you don see the pic its because I cant figure out how to post the damn thing Thanks Tom
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    B Shaver head tube decal

    What are the chances of me finding a headtube decal for a Buck Shaver? Thanks Tom
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    Buck Shaver

    My new toy....