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    Frame swap?

    well, after some parts swapping, I'm finding out my M/L yo eddy is going to be a touch big..going from a SID to a Noleen mega air (80) brought it up just enough to make it not a good fit. I'd swap my frame for a medium, if someone is interested. It's in pretty good shape, I really have not...
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    FS: 1 1/8 judy sl yo eddy green

    repainted to match the green bike. It has a couple of the crossbones decals under the clearcoat-it was painted by hottubes. reply if interested. fork is in average shape, and loses a little air over time. I'm replacing it with a Noleen. Will trade for a noleen mega-air, or sell outright...
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    rear YO brake studs..

    the guy at IF was going to get me some, and never came through... bike came w/o them...I need them. I'd rather not have to buy from Europe, if possible...just due to the insane wait on parts.
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    rear brake studs

    I talked to the guys @ IF today, and they have a company that will make them canti studs in the proper dimensions for FATs. I'll post more info after I get the call back with pricing.