A much asked question, but...


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...what's Chris Chance doing these days?

I remember feeling really, genuinely sad when Fat Chance folded, that it couldn't be possible they'd end after creating such a superb and unique take on the mountain bike.

Surely Chris Chance must've felt even sadder, so what happened? Is he still in the bike biz?

Is there a possibilty Fat Chance could actually return one day?

(Fingers crossed...)


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The legend known as chris chance has been working as a physio, amongst other things

I'm kinda proud of the fact that FAT didnt go bust (like ibis) they closed shop. (theres a crucial difference!)
I have the full her/history story off wendyl. When we've sorted out the site somemore with wendyls help I'll get the story on the line for you guys :) Theres a lot of info & I'm supposed to be working as well like the rest of you guys!

Although the people of FAT wendyl, chris etc, are extremely proud of their FAT past (& rightly so!) I dont think theres any chance of FAT making a comeback. small quantities of Big 1 inch forks are being produced. I think thats as far as it'll get