Best bitz gallery!


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Bearing in mind Im bored and should be doing some development work, thought I'd post this interesting gallery for you all to drool at:

Prize goes to who can identify each component....(bit easy actually..)



My feeble guess...

being a rookie, I will go first and then someone can come in and clean up....

soft ride Beam with flight saddle
Drilled out Ringle cage
Machine Tech stem
Paul rear Del.
Yo Eddy Metallic green
White industries Linear rear Del.
Grove Innovations stem
King head set
Hershey Naked front hub
Onza white Pork,.... the other white meat....
Grafton Joy Sticks, looks like pre 1994, 175mm's non compacts.

Sorry, I know I missed a few. but it was a fun trip down memory lane, THX



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close on the alsop. the 1 pictured is a 1 off yeti made for tomac alsop that luckily tomac never got to ride & was weirdly disguised as a road bike & used in natural born killers.


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oh & the stems a Cook Bros. I gave 1 away when I was young & stupid, but luckily found 1 recently for


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well done

yeah Cook Bros stem....mmmmmm. Well done to all those who had a go.

The drilled Ringle cage is cool - did these make it into production do we know?

I have Hershey hub liek that but need to make it into a wheel - its blue though and features the clear thermoplastic housing. You can seee the logo spinning round as you ride (in theory)

Round 2 coming up..... this time will be made a little harder..

Fatty Dread

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Oh man...the Paul's rasta colored rear derail. and nuke proof hubs bring back memories. I knew a guy whose entire Yeti was rasta colored (including the Salsa skewers and Chris King headset). Of course, all that anodized stuff came after height-rites and shark fins/tooths. :)


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I broke 3 nukeproof r.hubs & 2 front 1s, but then dont get me started on all the stuff I've broken eh ;)