Drive train upgrade and weight reduction?


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I suppose many here have gone down this road before..

92 wicked, Original owner,

I bought a new set of wheels from Settemarche (white ti) and am going to try and put my old gearset onto this hub. I am hoping I will be able to get the gears to mount and line up properly so I can still use the SIS setting. 6 speed xt shifter. My LBS found the 13 outer gear so I should be able to transfer and space it and get it to work- however I keep questioning do I go with the rapid fire shifters and update it? I love the one on my other bike..

I Also am going to try and lighten it up in the process, the rear wheel was the stock xt 36 spoke and with the fire xc pro weighs a whopping 5 lbs. so I know I am on track with the wheels.
I ordered a new fork from Rody and will go threadless so that will drop a lb from the mag 20 21.

Is there a lighter crankset to replace the boipace xt? it needs to be strong as this old one..

Is there a lighter seat tube available? I read someone saying good luck finding a seat post that size. is it 25.4"?

I already saved 200+ grams with a different seat.

Thanks for any help,
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The Wicked should have a 26.4mm seatpost, these are hard to find these days. Check out IRD and or keep a lookout on Ebay. Your XT crank is plenty light enough and it can be tough to find a crank to use with your press fit BB. My recomendo is to just get some new chainrings that aren't Bio-pace or even consider going 1 by however many you have in the back. Remember Keith Bontrager's mantra of "Light-Strong-Cheap, pick two" and remember that light isn't always better, I have had too many near death experiences with ultralight BS!


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26.4 suntour xc or syncros post. both tough to find but doable. check ebay. suntour is a bit heavier. good setback and seems durable. more so than syncros.

get the suntour!


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ok i'm an idiot. I pulled the seat out and see it says 'strong' 26.4

I know I will save some if not alot of weight with my new wheels, I just keep thinking I want the rapidfire style of shifter..... I guess we will see what we can do with the rear cogs when they arrive.

Also when Rody gets my fork done that will lighten it up a bunch :}



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I got a 25.4 x 350 Kalloy seatpost for cheap and an alloy shim ( $10) for my Wicked. That works fine. I use a solid seat clamp, not quick release. Make sure you don't grease the shim or the post will slide!