Fat Ride 2007


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Well settemarche, jh4rt and I decided we should finish the year with a good ol' Fat ride. The ride was held in Sycamore Cyn located in Southern California. Distance was just shy of 20 miles with plenty of elevation. Temps were a balmy 50-60 degrees.
Sette rode his Buckshaver, jh4rt rode his Yo SS, and I rode my Wicked. I'll provide the pictures if sette and jh4rt will provide the commentary.

Jef(settemarche), Jim (jh4rt) and Vince (Upchuck)

Jim and Jeff



Rounding the bend.



A coyote on an adjacent hill in the foggy morning. The cool thing is this was taken from Two Foxes Trail...


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It might have been a bit colder in the morning.

The trip down into the canyon was toe and finger numbing. We made it through the shaded parts, though and it warmed up and we got to take off those heavy sweatshirts. What you don't see here is that both Vince and Jeff were wearing their FAT jersey's.

We had a great adventure, shared with a couple of ticks (no-one got bit -- this time). We climbed to the top of Guadalasca single-track and descended the Overlook Fireroad to the Backbone Single Track. For those of you not familiar with Sycamore Canyon, to get in and out, you have to descend/climb (respectively) a nasty paved road known as the "black B*tch"! While Vince and I are used to it, I think Jeff was a bit surprised. ;-)

Overall, we had a great time, followed by another great time at the local Mexican food restaurant. We lucked out and were back in time to participate in the Sunday Brunch Buffet.

I'm looking forward to more rides with Vince and Jeff and hoping that we can include some more Fat Cogs in a future ride.

Thanks guys!!!



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Awesome, that one ride embodies the spirit of Fat Cogs! :D

What a fantastic way to end the year.




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it would seem that jh4rt and i are at odds with Upchuck on the weather. as i arrived the car temp gauge read 4 degrees or sub 35F. little snowflake flashing. so it might have been 60 when we finished at around noon.

enough with the weather. this ride was great. unseen by me previously and about twice as long as my usual ride it was almost impossible to keep up with Upchuck and jh4rt. one of the most impressive things about Upchuck and jh4rt is they are Fat riders that really do ride their bikes hard. i thought the ride might be just light cruise on some smooth single track. no one wanting to damage their precious bikes. but those two guys are pretty much maximum attack the whole time. the couple of pics do not do justice as to how technical the trail is in most places.

the "Backbone" single track is on the ridge and as you come down it is cliff with heavy brush and rocks sticking out - no where to fall. on the inside there was usually a big scary drop - don't want to go down there. all this coupled with a lot of rocky outcroppings jutting out in the middle of the sinlgetrack. not simple. short shoots coupled with off camber 180 degree corners. and in my now "humble" opinion - not easy to ride super fast. granted it was my first time in UpChuck and jh4rt's backyard. but there was at no time where i was remotely close to keeping up and jh4rt (Jim) was riding a single speed. UpChuck (Vince) at one point was keeping up with a couple guys on full suspension double throw down disc bikes - on a rigid Wicked!

with regard to the "black bizatch" mentioned by jh4rt. i have been trying to block it out of my memory. it was out of control. i was not told how punishing it would be. maybe that was some sort of initiation??? before it got really steep i was drafting this old guy walking up. but as it got steeper he pulled away - yes the old guy walking actually pulled away. in my own defense i never got off. i pedaled the whole way out. did not crash although i came close several times. made it back in one piece and didn't even get a cramp the next day. maybe i am not in that bad of shape after all?

for the finish we rolled over to a mexican joint. sunday brunch with sort of a mexican american theme. i made a sausage and bacon taco smothered in syrup and whipped cream and then washed it all down with a tasty Marg on the rocks with salt. it was just what my body needed to replenish itself ;-) after that we parted ways. Jim and Vince a 5 minute drive home. me two hours. next time i think you guys can come down my way.

thanks again i had a great time and cannot wait to do it again!!!!




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i... maybe that was some sort of initiation??? before it got really steep i was drafting this old guy walking up. but as it got steeper he pulled away - yes the old guy walking actually pulled away.

LMFAO !!!!

Hehe. You have no idea how many times I've drafted a hiker on that hill...on a geared bike. The SS thing..well, they get kind of mad when you are rocking the bike back and forth and gasping in their ear.... ;-P


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You have no concept how many periods I've selected a walker on that mountain...on a designed bicycle. The SS factor..well, they get type of mad when you are sporting the bicycle returning and forth and gasping in their ear.