It's ALIVE!!....

Well it's almost alive.

On an impulse I bought the large '92 Monster here on Fatcogs a couple of weeks back. It arrived in rough condition but certainly will make a good rider. The UN52 Sealed BB was totally seized! All of the rust is just surface rust so I am not too concerned. I had the nice Red Tange fork which fit perfectly & an assortment of beat up non-period correct XT parts but functionally everything should work great. I even fashioned a rack mount for my Blackburn Rack out of a Yakima Mighty mount; the mono-stay is nearly the same diameter as the Yakima Cross Bars!

I will be fetching the groceries in style on my new Monster once it's complete.

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Are you sure that the rack mount is stable enough?

I am no structural engineer but those Yakima Might Mounts are quite strong; designed for carrying items on the roof of your car at highway speeds. When torked down the rack has no movement. The panier will probably not exceed 40 lbs loaded; seems very stable :cool:. Since this photo I have added a set of fenders to the bike too! It rides great! Full M737/739 XT group.