Late / last Yo Eddy help


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Info/help needed.

Just acquired a gorgeous late Yo Eddy frame. Serial number YO L 2554. On mombat this is the last serial number listed.

The story goes that the original owner was a pal of Chris chance and had various custom bikes off him. When he bought this he was given the choice of this and a yellow one and was told there were no more yo eddy’s to be built. The theory is this is the last yo eddy or one of two.

Any info appreciated, this has disc mounts as well as v brake bosses. Never seen that before.

It’s gorgeous, the paint is virtually untouched.

Any info a help. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, I’m a fan of earlier yo’s but this seems interesting.


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I hear those later bikes are much better than earlier ones.

I remember an email from Fat City stating about the last frames before closing shop. I had just bought a new Ibis Mojo so i passed.