Pics of Monster Fat


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i ride a 1993 Monster Fat,but for restauration all the stickers were removed.I commissioned a guy to take pics of the stickers and to perform a new set of stickers,but this A...... took the pics but than he did nothing out of remove :evil: :evil: :evil:

know my question:

can anybody post quality high pics of the special stickers on a Monster Fat,all stickers also on chainstays and bottom bracket(ok i think this can both be from another Fat)

with best regards from Rodgau in Germany and excuse my very bad english :wink:



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Monster Fat decals


Which version of the decals did you have? I have 3 Monsters and they all have different decals.
One of mine is a 93 as well and it has fairly standard "Fat Chance" on the downtube and "Fat City Cycles" on the head tube, along with "Monster Fat" on the top tube in a "scary' sort of font.
Does this match what you have? I can send you pics of all if needed.



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i got the version with MonsteFat on the down tube.

i would be very thankful if you want send me the pics. but i need pics in high quality especially this one with the Herman Monster on the front tube

thank you and best regards, chris