Rock shox "Steed Springs" upgrade


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Running an OG rock shox Judy since 1995 on my 19" wicked lite 1993. Replaced the MCU with the kit that came with the fork about 10 years ago. Seems to run like stock but never messed with the oil cartridge which I assume is plastic. Looking at the upgrades on SRP. Steed Springs, metal cartridge etc. I weigh 140lbs wet. Always wanted to upgrade to springs. Any thoughts? seems like it would be under $150usd for everything.


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That looks to be a 1996 fork. You might want to pull the damper and confirm it has the plastic body first. December of 1995 Rockshox had recalled the plastic dampers and converted to the alloy however I have still seen 1996 forks with the plastic dampers.


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Just got the bike from storage. The serial number is B168900 on the Judy...does this help identify the plastic vs metal body on dampener...hate to pull it apart before I have the parts to upgrade.