Roll Call: Vintage bike race


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Is anyone here going to attend the 20th Annual Keyesville Classic race in Southern California in March?

Here's a quote from the official race website:
"Has time passed you by? Do you feel like the bike industry has taken the soul out of the mountain bike? Does "nine inches of travel" mean to you the measure of the height that your bike bucks your bum above the seat, not suspension? Hyraulic disk brakes and carbon fiber make you groan with oily plastic disgust?
Well my friend, have I got good news for you! This year Keyesville will have Vintage Bike Races, Cross Country and Downhill and Short Track. Two classes, ten to 19 year old classics that can still kick the trail tail of the newest bikes, and 20 years and older bikes that started this whole Mountain Bike phenomenon."

The race has a great grass roots feel and is promising to pull in some fine vintage bikes. These aren't garage queens though! These beauties will be put throught the paces on Saturday with an old school downhill course followed by a short track sprint. Then on Sunday we'll line them up and see who still has what it takes to win a cross country race.

I'll be on the '89 Wicked. See you there?


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The Keyesville Classic is just around the corner- March 15-17. And just in case you were wondering if such a grassroots race could actually have a following:

"The 2008 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Cross Country Calendar welcomes eight new events and features four UCI-sanctioned races and the USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships. The calendar begins in early spring with the 20th Annual Keyesville Classic in Lake Isabella, Calif., March 15-16 and concludes seven months later with the Piney Hills Fall Classic in Ruston, La., Oct. 25-26." -USA Cycling

The best part of the event is the Vintage stage race: DH, short track, and XC. Two categories: 1987-1995 and pre-1987. Come out and show everyone what your old Fats can do. I'll be on the '89 Wicked.