Trials Frameset


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I worked at a small shop in Eugene, OR in the late 80's and fell in love with Fat Chance bikes. I was always pushing them on customers and talking with the folks at Fat City Cycles and happened to get to know Christie (sp?) fairly well (she always answered the phone when I would call). One day while talking to her she informed me that the boys has made a limited number of trials frame sets. I bought one and from what I understand, they made very few of these.

My question to the forum is this...does anyone out there know how many of these frame sets were made? Does anybody else have one? The frame was made for a 24" rear wheel and a 26" front wheel. Bottom bracket clearance is 13 5/8 " the geometry is 72head/70 seat I think (a little squirelly on the downhill but climbs like a mother*%#) . There was also a rear derailleur hanger and cable guides for rear deralleur, bosses and cable guides for rear cantilever brakes and horizontal dropouts for the rear wheel. The fork that came with the frame was a straight legged Erik Koski fork which is similar to what would become the Yo Eddy fork later on in life.

Anyway, if anybody has any info at all on trials frames made by Fat City Cycles, I would love to hear what you have to say. How many were made, what years made etc. Does anybody else on this forum have one? Etc. Etc. I know I bought mine in late 1988 or maybe even 1989. I bought it after I bought my first Standard Fat Chance which was built in 1987 (Serial # 87314) so that is why I am guessing '88 or '89.

Also, does anybody have any idea what it might be worth? Definitely collectors item due to the extremely limited production? Just curious.


Thanks a lot to all who read and respond and, as always, keep it FAT!