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    Yo Fork

    Yo Fork as stated. Not BOI. Igle or Rody Repros considered.
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    Sleeper Iglehart

    Lots of awesome going on here. Been up a couple times and spendy for what it is, but I guarantee if it had the word Fat in the auction somewhere it'd get attention. Here's your Yo Eddy cross fork. I know, it's an Iglehart, but it's the closest you're going to get to a Fat fork, and there...
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    Not mine, but for sale locally. $1250. 970.247.0747
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    Campy Mirox Rim

    Looking for a Campy Mirox rim. Silver, 32h. Thx
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    Possible Trade

    Have: 91 RWB Ritchey P-22 with fork Want: Mass Yo with fork. Medium. All colors + conditions considered
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    Wanted: 52-54cm Chris Cross

    Chris Cross anyone? 52-54cm. Thanks!
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    1998 Lavender Yo Eddy Restomod Frame w/ SID

    There are reasons for selling this and reasons for keeping... but with a coming move the selling reasons outweigh. Some regulars here likely recognize this project from years back. Rody gave this Yo a little love with a disc tab addition, removal of brake bosses, and team lavender paint with...
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    1991 Yo - Grello

    Small New powder coat & repro decals - never ridden offroad since. Complete bike - $1050 shipped in the US. $1100 shipped to Europe.
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    Team Lavender Touch Up Suggestions?

    Sadly, the team lav has already suffered a ding. I know I wont get it perfect, but has anyone used anything for touch up worth suggesting? No, the ding isn't in the pic, I just try not to post anything without pics. :)
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    Pics Request: Toothpik Installation

    I know I'm missing parts for mine, I just don't know which ones. Anyone with decent pics?
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    For Trade - S Yo for S/M

    Have - 91 Small Yo Want - S/M Yo of same vintage. Trades?
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    Fat City BB Setup

    Per the title. Bearings, spindle, and locking collars. For a 91 Yo. Thanks.
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    Aquafade Wicked

    For your eye-watering pleasure. 1991 Wicked Fat in aquafade:
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    98 FAT Catalogue

    Did they even make one in 98? I have 99, and I've seen the pics of the 97 bikes, but I havent seen 98. Just looking for scans, thanks.
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    Distinguishing Between Late Model FATS

    Hi All, Many of you from the retrobike clan know I've just picked this up Pretty excited. I'm wondering about the year. The serial is YO S 3698, which makes me think 1998. But it doesn't seem FAT stuck to its BB shell numbering process in the later years. Are there any ways to...