Distinguishing Between Late Model FATS


Hi All,

Many of you from the retrobike clan know I've just picked this up


Pretty excited. I'm wondering about the year. The serial is YO S 3698, which makes me think 1998. But it doesn't seem FAT stuck to its BB shell numbering process in the later years.

Are there any ways to distinguish post-Somerville FATS by year? The only thing I can think of is where the placement of the "Saratoga, NY" sticker, and whether the frame had stops for cantis.



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Hey Ameybrook,

wow...If've watched the auction! Good deal. The frame seems to be in a perfect shape. Love this paint job!

Concerning your question. Normally the number underneath the BB shell distinguishes the model and year of production - same in 1998. If you haven't seen this list, always good for those matters.

Yours seems to be definitely from 1998.

Let's share some pics with us in the near future and give it a period build!