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    1994 Chris Chance (made in Massachusetts)

    Top tube measures 56 from center of seat tube to center of head tube. This is a custom built working with Chris and his wife and they knew I was riding a lugged Trek that was size 56. I was told it got the Chris decals because it was a True Temper tube set different that what Slim had, and they...
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    1994 Chris Chance (made in Massachusetts)

    Size 56, Yo type road fork, blue over silver paint with Chorus group, Record hubs, Chris King headset, and Ringle Post. New Conti GP5000 tires. Ringle stem will be included if I still have it. It's all in really excellent shape. $sold
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    Chris Chance Road

    My version made in MA and in super shape. I'm thinking of selling but not yet sure.
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    Fat City Slim Chance 55-57 90’s Version 91-98

    Do you have any interest in a Chris Chance that size? This is a bike Chris Chance made for me that straddled Slim model and the later Chris models made in Serotta operation. This is made in MA, has road Yo fork, and a Chorus with Record hubs build. Campy rims with ti spokes. It's probably as...
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    Intro pics.

    I still have two great made in MA bikes, and likely access to the Yo Eddy I had that was made in New York. Our Monster has prehistoric semi-home made micro drive. The road bike is a late made in MA custom supposed to be a Slim but Chris said it was enough different that he was going to use old...