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1994 Chris Chance (made in Massachusetts)


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Size 56, Yo type road fork, blue over silver paint with Chorus group, Record hubs, Chris King headset, and Ringle Post. New Conti GP5000 tires. Ringle stem will be included if I still have it. It's all in really excellent shape.



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Hi @bitflogger as a 56, is this a 57.2mm top tube?
Top tube measures 56 from center of seat tube to center of head tube.

This is a custom built working with Chris and his wife and they knew I was riding a lugged Trek that was size 56. I was told it got the Chris decals because it was a True Temper tube set different that what Slim had, and they thought it looked good with the blue and shiny parts theme.

I don't know how much of what I was told was marketing hype or truth. They moved to New York after this bike was made.

It's a really sweet bike but was hardly ever used. I've been a trail builder and MTB rider most of the past 3 decades. It's got a very comfy ride for a road bike.

FWIW, the spokes are titanium, Record hubs and Campy rims.