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  • Been super busy at work and at home. Spring is here and it's lots to fix..

    Working on the piquets. Start-up next week as my buddy going to your country for a week. New York, New York! Hubba-Hubba!!
    Funny you should point those things out: do not become more attractive, just be more tidy; keep kitchen kleen, do laundry, take out trash etc., you'll be a dad in a jiffy (Am I right, Steph)! Kids trailer: not yet, but I am trying to find a nice, modern and safe estate car to pack up the family.. No more small, rust infected Japanese vehicles.
    Thanks for the pep talk, man. We are both 34 and have the same concerns(old ass parents), plus mine of: "you mean I can't give it a couple biscuits and leave to go ride my bike". Much like my bike family additions, I don't plan much, just roll with it, but the idea is starting to be more attractive. Have you started to look at tricked out kid trailers yet?
    Hell, yeah! If you feel it's your turn, go for it! Vibecke and I talked about it for a long time and planned it really well. We're 34 (Vib) and 32 (me) and one of my weightiest arguments is, belive it or not: "When my daughter is 18 years old, and starting to drive a car; I'll be 50."

    Dude and dudette: go for it!!

    Are you having fun being a daddy?? Steph really is starting to want a two legged kid(to add to the 4 legged-dog kind).
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