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    suspension questions and issues

    :idea: With the continued development of suspension technology, questions arise concerning the use of suspension forks on older, hard-tail bikes. Keith Bontrager brings up several interesting issues in a recent article (Dirt Rag, vol 109). One fundamental question he addresses: How much...
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    '98 yo-eddy

    1998 yo-eddy! # M/L 2047 Sapphire Fade I am the original owner of this '98 yo-eddy. It is my primary mountain ride (no single-speed converison here). I've ridden pricey dual suspension rigs, but nothing climbed or handled the technical western North Carolina singletrack like my Yo.
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    silly questions

    Silly questions... How do I get an image to paste on to this post? Do I have to somehow link the image? If so, how do I link an image I've got stored on my HD to this post? (On other forums, I can just cut and paste...or simply drag the jpg from my desktop into the box). Dazed and...
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    Where is Chris?

    I found out through friends in Burlington, VT exactly where Chris is living and working, along with some finer details of the company break-up. We decided that sharing that info in this forum would be innapropriate. I wish Chris all the luck and someday I am quite sure that I will swill a pint...
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    yo-eddy! frame for sale on ebay- newly listed

    There is a yo-eddy! newly listed on ebay. The seller is new to ebay and has not listed the size.
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    Did anyone else see the 10th anniv. FAT on ebay?

    Did anyone else see the 10th anniv. FAT on ebay that sold for 1,925 bones? I am shocked. :o
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    ebay impressions

    As the original owner of a '98 YO, and someone who regularly tracks FAT sales on ebay, I am very impressed with the resale value of FATs. I've seen used YOs sell for almost as much as I paid for mine right out of the box. Even quite old, one-inch headset FATs sell for much more than...
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    S/M Yo frame wanted

    Like a lot of people...I am looking for a S/M yo-eddy or yo-betty frame for my wife....any year.