ebay impressions

Fatty Dread

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As the original owner of a '98 YO, and someone who regularly tracks FAT sales on ebay, I am very impressed with the resale value of FATs.

I've seen used YOs sell for almost as much as I paid for mine right out of the box. Even quite old, one-inch headset FATs sell for much more than comparable Specializeds, Treks, Fishers, etc.

I bid over 700 bones on a one-inch Ti YO and was outbid. I saw a XT/XTR built, new-old stock YO listed for over 4,000 bucks. (I don't think the reserve was ever met).

Frames with zero warranty selling for more than new frames with a warranty...pretty damn impressive.

Doug Carter

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A good observation, though I think quality craftsmanship and materials still go a long way, regardless of the product.

There will always be a small yet fervent group of people who will focus on the "finer things" regardless of cost. Those who buy a Ducati over a Yamaha, or a Bang & Olufson CD player instead of a Sony, or a Fat Chance over a Trek, will always be the minority, but they will always be present with cash in hand. If that means eating Cheerios for dinner for a month to have what you want, this group of people will do it.

I learned a long time ago that I absolutely hate second-guesses with purchases. If I need to wait a month to be able to afford something instead of purchasing a lesser item now, then I will wait until I can buy exactly what I want. That doesn't necessarily mean buying the most expensive item, but when you buy something that is made to a very high quality standard, be it materials, craftsmanship or artistic value, generally, you will get what you pay for. Bikes are not any different.

In this case, Fat Chance has had not only a reputation of high quality products, great customer service, high artistic aesthetics, but they also had a very rare mystique, similar to the way VW had captivated it's audience for many years, both with aircooleds and watercooled late-model cars. It's more of an experience to own a Fat, and those of us who understand that, wouldn't have it any other way. If that means that 10 years later, a used bike will cost the same as it did when it was new, I don't think you'll hear many of us complaining either way.

I wouldn't think twice about paying sticker value for a new 1994 Yo Eddy or a 1993 Slim Chance right now. If I could, I'd place my order today.

I'm happy that there is a secondary market for these bikes, and that market is so strong. That can only mean great things for the future of these bikes in the hands of those who understand.