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    Fat City Slim Chance 55-57 90’s Version 91-98

    Ah, ok so you need a 56. They only made the slim and chance in even sizes.
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    Fat City Slim Chance 55-57 90’s Version 91-98

    There’s a Saratoga 58 Chris Chance frame/fork for sale, someone JUST posted, check it out in “For Sale”
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    57cm Chris Chance road frame and Yo fork

    These don’t pop up often, someone snatch it quick! I’ve already got a slim and a chance in 58, otherwise I’d jump on it... Might not be a Somerville, but I’m sure it rides like a dream all the same! And looks immaculate.
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    1987 Wicked AO - SOLD

    Pm sent
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    Chris is selling his Demo/Review Slim Chance
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    $250 Wicked on CL - NJ
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    $150 Monster Fat on CL - NJ
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    93 Fat Ti on Fleabay

    One of Scott's I think:
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    52-54cm Cosmic Fade Slim Chance on CL - NM

    Looks clean!
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    Wicked on CL - Orange County California
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    FS: 1992 Slim Chance 56cm

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    88 19.5" Wicked on Ebay
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    59cm Chris Chance road bike on ebay
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    93 19" Yo Eddy on Ebay
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    94 Buckshaver $550 in DC