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    Waiting Time for a 2.2 Frameset

    I picked mine up from Chris at the Medford shop in June. I had ordered it approximately 18 months earlier, just before COVID hit. From what Billy has told me recently the production efficiency is ramping up and while each is still made by hand carefully the delivery time is closer to 12 weeks.
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    Rescued an 80’s Fat Chance

    I’m not sure what I am going to do with it, but I couldn’t leave it neglected in a warehouse. It has a Specialized stem on it. Deerhead RD. All I’ve done so far is clean it gently.
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    Were XL Fat frames made in small quantities?

    I didn’t think Shaq ever had a Fat!
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    Now the spam members are sending obscene PM’s

    Gafyn795 just sent me a sexual message on this site. I also see that the spam threads have spam replies bumping them.
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    Were XL Fat frames made in small quantities?

    Thank you for the information Scott.
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    Large Fat on Orange County CA Craigslist I wonder if the white paint is covering up rust. Does appear to have Cook cranks.
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    Were XL Fat frames made in small quantities?

    I think I’m an oddity because I ride a much larger frame than people expect. I hit the maximum seatpost extension on an 19” frame before I get comfortable.
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    Were XL Fat frames made in small quantities?

    I can find 18” frames for sale all over the internet and even saw a couple locally. But finding one for someone with a 34” cycling inseam appears much more of a challenge. Does anyone know if the basketball player sized frames were made in far smaller quantities than the mediums?
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    1982 #11 - what's your thoughts?

    That’s an impressive collection. Viewing the anodized rims gives me the same sensation as biting into a fresh chocolate brownie.
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    CRC is selling new Marzocchi Z4 26” V brake 9mmQR forks$ja=tsid:54495%7Ccgn:awin%7Ckw:78888&awc=5623_1626963888_cdee0b648491009723f0a985fb57843b&utm_source=affiliate-window&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_campaign=...
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    1990 Wicked Fat Chance

    I think it’s a nice bike. I do not have any expertise on original configurations or collect ability (it might be perfect in both areas). I can suggest putting a small amount of Evapo-Rust on a cotton ball and rubbing it on the rust spot on the fork, and giving it five minutes to work. That...