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57cm Chris Chance road frame and fork


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I bought this with the intentions of building it while I was recuperating from my summer hip replacement. That didn’t happen and I’ve not had time to do anything with it. I did order approximately half the parts for it.

The Thompson seatpost and cheap clamp are included. For the frame, fork, seatpost and clamp I’m asking $900, plus actual shipping. This is much less than I paid. I can give you my eBay Id if you want to see my feedback

If you want the following let me know and I’ll sell them for less than I paid.
Silver 1” IRD headset.
Brand new wheel set built for this frame by Mike Varley of Black Mountain Cycles. TB14 gray rims, DT Swiss Competition spokes, silver Shimano 105 hubs. No tires are installed.
NOS Ultegra crankset.

I will need some time to properly pack this for shipping. The wheels however are still in their unopened box and ready to go.

Can accept Zelle, Venmo or Postal Money orders. Located South of Seattle. Will be traveling to Los Angeles in late November.


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