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    New Fat 29" or 27.5

    Anyone that has bought one of the new frames that would consider selling? I'm looking for a 29" in M or a 27.5" in L.
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    Bike shops in New haven CT

    Guys, In the middle of March I'm traveling to New Haven CT for a course at Yale. Can anyone recommend any bike shops or special places worth stopping by? Thanks Jon
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    Off topic: Bike shops in SF or LA

    I'm in San Francisco on vacation until Sunday and traveling down the coast on HW1 to LA where I'll stay until Friday 16th. Do any of you have any good recommendations on bike shops along my way? Thanks Jon
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    Yo finally arrived

    About a year ago I shipped a frame to Chistopher Igleheart to fix the usual rust problem in the seat tube. Today I finally got it and I'm really exited. He he, his painter got a bit creative with the placement of the decals but all in all I'm very happy with the result. I'm amazed how...
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    My Collection

    OK, here is my collection. Only two bikes missing: My '94 Yo in s/m that is currently in paint at Chris Igleheart and my wife's De Kerf Generation. Here is a brief story of the bikes: - 1994 Somerville Ti Fat in M Got it from a guy in Sweden. Stolen from him but recovered two years later...
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    Mint 1993 Yo in S/M she is... A friend of mine had two Yo's back in the early 90's. One was sold, the other one got the famous rust hole in the seat tube. I bought the frame + fork from him, and it has just been fixed by Chris Igleheart. I will post pics of the bike when I get it. Now it's time to get...
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    Even more Ti Fat

    Since it's showing of my Ti Fat week, I'll thought I'll throw in some pics of my recent build. I got the bike last fall but never came around to build it until this winter. It is a '94 Somerville frame. Stolen a few years back, but recovered. Unfortunatly almost all the decals was removed when...
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    Wendyll not providing decals anymore

    Guys, I talked with Wendyll yesterday. I have had an order with her for quite some time. Anyhow, she told me that she is trying to extricate herself from the decal responsibility and she will no longer provide Fat decals, but she will fulfill my order as the last one. Help her spread the work...
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    Resto projects

    Hi, Just a pic of my collection, the Ti is not mine yet but I am working on it:D All of them will be restored, the Yo! in red you might have seen before on Retrobike. The seat tube looks terrible because of a previous owner trying to fix the rust problem. This frame is going of to Chris...
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    What can this be worth

    Hi, A friend of mine has an s/m Yo that he bought some years ago. He has not ridden it for some years and when he took it out of his basement and was going to mount all the parts he discovered a small rust hole in the seat tube close to the bottom bracket. He was going to restore it and have...