What can this be worth


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A friend of mine has an s/m Yo that he bought some years ago. He has not ridden it for some years and when he took it out of his basement and was going to mount all the parts he discovered a small rust hole in the seat tube close to the bottom bracket.

He was going to restore it and have the seat tube replaced, but now he has second thought as he for some reason did not want to spend more time or money to restore it.

Luckily there are guys out there (like me) that would like to do this so I offered him to buy the bike. I know there has been some YO's sold on eBay and possibly in here as well with these kinds of rust holes. My question to you all is what would be a reasonable price to pay for this, and how much have you paid for such repairs?

I believe it is from around 95-97 or so, it came originally in candy wild cherry but has been resprayed once after that. It is not a Mass produced frame, 1" head tube.

Anyone has any thought about the value?


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I wouldnt want to pay that much personally. you're taking a chance that there isnt other rust damage elsewhere on the frame. you could pay