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    Rare or Cool FATs thread and pics that got lost in time…

    Nice shot of CC repairing a customers BB in the 80s. Still welding after ~ 44yrs.
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    Turquoise Ringle 29.4 post for Fat Chance

    Great seller and a true FAT fan.
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    FAT CHANCE Titanium 1994 Large

    The early FAT Ti’s were revolutionary at the time for their design, stiffness and handling. Even today the Titanium frame technology is no better, they just have better brakes.
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    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    I need one in my life 🤔
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    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    Waaaaaaant 🥰😍 Its looks even better dirty 😋
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    FAT CHANCE Titanium 1994 Large

    Having owned and ridden most of the early 90s Ti frames, Hei Hei, Marin Ti, Sandviks, Dean, Litespeeds, Merlins etc built with plain gauge Ti tubing, for comparison this uses oversize custom spec ‘hand machined’ butted tubing which is much stiffer in the BB and other areas and completely stable...
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    Rare or Cool FATs thread and pics that got lost in time…

    Post up any pics you have whether you have owned it or not. I will kick things off with this rarity. Anybody ever see this Ti SAB in the flesh or even ride it ? Was it a one off ?
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    1992 Catalogue

    Unforeseen disasters have happened many of us over the years through no fault of our own. What does not kill you….
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    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    The whiskies are on me 🥃🥃 🙋🏻‍♂️ It would be great to finally meet a FCC legend in the flesh. The stories would be epic…..CC promised to skip the pond a few years ago but alas it never happened. Wonderful to see his new creations. It will make a change from looking at your pics on my 89 FAT poster.
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    Yeah, not simple to delete them either 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
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    97/98 Yo Eddy

    Such a pretty bike 😎
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    Fat Chance Titanium, No. #099T3M

    I totally get it 😁 Its still surprises me that i feel the same enthusiasm for FAT CHANCE bicycles after so many years. They just feel like they are ALIVE.
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    97 Ti

    I like the Moots crocodile logo but not the name Moots, which sounds like a disease ! 😂 I will put a FAT decal on it instead just to make the stem ‘cool’ 😉