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  • Hello Angelo,

    How are you? eBay is such a pain sometimes with their policies. Right after you asked me to ship intl a guy from Austria asked me to do the same.

    If you'd still like the hat please let me know. Otherwise i'll relist with intl shipping options.

    Thank you,
    Hi Angelo
    It's Eli. You just bought my buck shaver.
    I had forgotten about this site. Even though I used to be fairly active here.
    There may be pictures on here somewhere of the little buck shaver built up...

    I have some stuff to do tonight but I can take pictures of everything tomorrow.
    The salsa stem is 1" ahead. Old school fro-mo. Measured c-to-c its about 60mm with maybe 5 degrees of positive rise. 25.4mm bar clamp of course.
    The race face cranks are the old forged ones in black 170mm 98x54 bcd.

    I never had any decals, nor any luck finding them. The ones on the bike were pretty much gone when I got it.

    I was forwarded a message from an ebay user regarding a Syncros Ti seatpost from a bike I just purchased from him. Its possible that I would be interested in selling the post for the right price. I'm simply following up from the email and seeing if you are still interested in the post, otherwise I'm going to use it for another Fat I have.



    I'm in Chicago too. Not sure if you are domestic or international
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