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    Fat City Cycles Frame Registry

    Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.): Wicked Lite Frame number: 193W39 Year of manufacture: 1993 Frame size: 19" Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Original "Leslie's Purple" Location (city, state, country): Northampton, MA USA Owner name: Matt
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    19.5" 1990? Wicked for sale, Boston Metrowest $450 - Sold

    Hi is this still available? live in Western MA and can pick it up. Have a 1993 wicked lite since it was made.
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    Another Wicked Lite (1993)

    I put the shock on within a year of buying...did not get the long travel manitu or Judy Sl for the geometry and weight. repacked/tuned the Judy XC a few years back and it gives 2" travel max but fun. The frame-set did not come with a "box fork" from cambridge but a unicrown (matching paint)
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    Another Wicked Lite (1993)

    The color is Leslie Purple, original, named for a woman/rider that worked in the Cambridge shop.
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    A meme of particular relevance to Fat fans.

    YES! with no disc brakes tubed wheel-sets and chain suck awesomeness. In any weather we rode from march thru december. And walking or carrying your ride was not a weakness it just was...sometimes for miles. Often ride out for tools and back to the stranded, depending, he he he.
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    ISO suspension fork ‘93 Wicked Lite

    make sure the forks tube is the correct 1" or 1-1/8" size
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    Another Wicked Lite (1993)

    Nice! have a nuke-proof front hub on my 1993 WL. Still have the Judy XC...came with a unicrown...lost it 20 years ago. That was always a crazy stem, slingshot level!
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    1993 WL in Leslie Purple

    This pic from Vermont last week. Got the NOS smoke lite comp 1.9 rear tire and panaracer dart 2.1 front installed. New xtr bottom pull front derailleur dialed in. Then needed to switch out my Real Comp brake levers for the original XTR setup...realign the Paul stop-levers with moon...
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    Yo 1991 original

    This is one of the sweetest setup & colors I have ever seen! Love the seatpost clamp he he. I got the skinny frame version in Leslie purple.
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    Finding a replacement fork for 94 Wicked Lite

    Hmm...mine is a 139W93...which according to IROBOT ex Fat employee from Boston is #139/wicked lite/19" frame/ 1993 build and my frame is "Leslie's Purple" named for an woman who rode and worked for them at the time, color is not part of the serial # i guess? thinking yours was made in NY in...
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    Finding a replacement fork for 94 Wicked Lite

    Haven't seen this color...sweet! Have a purple WL from that era. Any info on serial # trying to track my build date. Also have front suspension but still ride in new england so...repacked and get my 2" travel.
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    1994 Buck Shaver 211B4S

    Interesting story. I got my WL around the same time in western MA and it is also "leslie" purple. Serial # 193W39 as far as I can read it.
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    Wicked Lite serial # and paint color

    Nope on the fork...sigh...was in my parents garage and dad threw it out! any ideas on serial number "categories" year/model/color/# what color is your WL
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    Wicked Lite serial # and paint color

    Bought my Wicked Lite in late 1993 from a local shop in Western MA. It was built up with a LX/DX group and took it on a test ride, remember that feeling of "wow this thing hooks up and is faster then the rider". Decided to upgrade the "shelf build" with some parts from the shop and special...