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    My wicked lucky wicked fat.

    PB blaster. Spray, wait, spray, wait. Did that for 30 min and then used a pipe wrench and it came right out. Now i just need a new post but they are hard to come by.
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    My wicked lucky wicked fat.

    That is one nice bike. Simple, timeless. I got a deal of a lifetime too, a 92' monster fat all original (just the decals were gone but the glue there to see it was a monster) - had a frozen seatpost i had to remove but i got it all for $50!
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    WTB: 26.4 mtb seatpost for a 91' monster fat

    Thank you that's some great info! I may try that!
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    WTB: 26.4 mtb seatpost for a 91' monster fat

    I know i cant believe how hard it is to find a seat post for this bike! I may end up getting a cheapo one just to be able to use the bike.
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    WTB: 26.4 mtb seatpost for a 91' monster fat

    Hi all - i just scored a basement find all original 1991 monster fat. Looking for a seatpost to fit this bike if anyone has anything period for sale in this size that please let me know. I did some research on the site and looks like its a 26.4 is the correct size from what I read. Thanks in...
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    Purple ringle bubba hubs/wheels

    Hey all I have a front and rear 3DV (purple) ringle super bubba hub set barely ridden on a set of new ish rims and spokes (not anything expensive but barely ridden and never on a trail). Going to put them on eBay next week but figure I give the fat fans a chance before I do. I have to take...
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    fs: 3dv (purple) ringle 1" angled stem

    I have a pretty mint 3dv ringle angled stem 1" with blue ringle lettering -$75.00 shipped in usa. pics here: I can send better pics if anyone wants.
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    WTB - Chris Chance Road Frame

    Looking for a 56-59cm chris chance frame if anyone has one for sale (or will in the future). Thanks :beer:
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    Slim chance/chris chance questions

    Hey everyone, So ive been on the lookout for a monster i was going to use for an all around bike but now im starting to lean towards changing my hunt to a slim/chris chance road bike. Reason being i am not able to access the trails as easily and im missing out on alot of nice days to get out...
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    WTB - Black Large fat chance frame (varies)

    Looking for a Large 1990s black fat frame (and rigid fork if available) Im interested in a 90s black team FC with the pink or purple lettering or a 90s monster - must be a L frame. If you have one you would want to sell just let me know!
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    fats with a 1" stem?

    Hi Everyone, Im a lurker but love the fats and im looking to eventually get one. I have a 1" ringle stem and i was wondering if anyone could let me know what years/models this stem would fit on. It have the matching ringle hubs (all 3DV) and would think it would be nice on a black fat chance...