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Monster Fat for sale - Black


Hello everyone - I have a (im pretty sure year 1991 from the looks and codes) black OG paint Fat Chance Monster Fat i picked up awhile back. It has the monster face on the front steering tube.

I had it professionally serviced by my local shop once I got it and after having 2 kids and not riding for years its just collecting dust so time someone else should enjoy this bike. Here are the details:

- Serial number 325M1M= medium frame (i rubbed chalk on it for the pictures which will be uploaded later today)
- Original black paint in good shape (not perfect a few spots have touch up paint on them)
- has the original bike shop sticker on the frame - sold at highland park cycles in NJ and bike is currently in NJ
- Looks like all original parts except has oury grips and the seatpost is a newer origin 8. And tires are period but not from the factory
- has a turbo saddle period correct but needs to have the cover glued back on
- The main decals are gone there are remnants of the original monster on front, the don't treat on me bottom one. I purchased a new set of decals from velocals but never had the time to install so i will be selling the bike with these for the next owner to handle.
- has a set of period michelin wildgrippers in green
- Stem and handlebars both fat chance bars with logos on them
- Suntour XC LTD
- Wheels by peter white of Acton MASS - Mavic. Both rims have original stickers on them from assembly.

Bike is extremely clean and barely used for the age.

Price: $750.00 (buyer pays shipping). I will pay for a bike shop to professionally pack it and ship it and we will insure it.

I will be uploading pictures later on today please PM me if you have questions

- Chris


Pictures attached I can send more via phone if needed.


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