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    Yo fork options

    I currently have my '99 Yo! set up as a singlespeed with an Igleheart segmented 650B fork. My neck and arthritic wrists need a break so I'm going to change to a suspension fork for a while. A Fox F80 RLC should work fine without screwing up the handling, right?
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    1991 Monster Fat Frame

    Frame is no longer for sale.
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    1997 Independent Fabrications Steel Deluxe SS

    1997 Independent Fabrications Steel Deluxe SS. East Coast geometry inspired by Fat City Cycles. 853 triangle w/ Reynolds 725 rear stays. Truly an incredible ride. Flat black paint with white lettering. Horizontal dropouts. Serial #536D717 I'm selling the frame and including the 29.4mm Thomson...
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    92 Slim Chance

    1992 Slim Chance 56cm in beautiful condition. Asking $1500.00 shipped to the lower 48. PM or email if interested: vbgest (at) gmail (dot) com. Original Black paint. Original build except tires and bar tape. Mavic: rear derailleur, shifters, cassette, brakes, levers wheelset. Dura Ace: crankset &...
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    FS 85 Kicker w/ fork

    I have a used 1985 Fat City Kicker w/ fork for sale. It's well used but is still in good riding condition. Paint is scratched and rubbed in all the usual areas. I've found no rust in the BB shell or headtube. Size 16.5" Asking $250. Make an offer. Serial # to follow. Ignore the franken-build...
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    Vintage road ride

    I was getting ready for our Sunday club ride when I discovered a torn sidewall on my Lemond Zurich. Rather than make a mad rush for repairs, I grabbed my trusty Slim Chance without thinking twice. Only a few of the club members are savy enough to notice downtube shifters and were quick to ask...
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    1985 Fat Chance Kicker

    It's time I let this one go. It's a 1985 Kicker frame and fork. Condition is good. Usual paint wear from riding, but no dents, cracks or rust. Asking $500 OBO. Make an offer. I realize the market is all over the board lately. Email me if interested at
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    Another Ti Fat

    Just finished building this one up. The maiden voyage proved to be a lot of fun. Just an amazing bike for the climbs and a lot of fun on the twisties. Big thanks to jh4rt for the fork.
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    SoCal Vintage Bike ride

    1st Annual STR Vintage Bike Happening is at the end of this month. The Particulars: When: June 28th (it's a long time off and more than enough time to put those old bike back into riding shape) Where: The Fullerton Loop (a perfect place to show off these old warriors) Time: 9 am Tailgating...
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    Ride quality

    So, I've never ridden a Monster Fat. I was wondering how you'd describe the ride quality. I have a Yo! and a Wicked, so comparisons are helpful.
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    1985 Fat Kicker

    I'm considering selling my '85 Fat Chance Kicker frame. Here's a link to pics and a spec sheet: I believe the frame is a 16.5", but I'll measure the tubing if there's any interest. Email me at mtballday(at)hotmail(dot)com.
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    Roll Call: Vintage bike race

    Is anyone here going to attend the 20th Annual Keyesville Classic race in Southern California in March? Here's a quote from the official race website: "Has time passed you by? Do you feel like the bike industry has taken the soul out of the mountain bike? Does "nine inches of travel" mean to...
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    Fat Ride 2007

    Well settemarche, jh4rt and I decided we should finish the year with a good ol' Fat ride. The ride was held in Sycamore Cyn located in Southern California. Distance was just shy of 20 miles with plenty of elevation. Temps were a balmy 50-60 degrees. Sette rode his Buckshaver, jh4rt rode his Yo...
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    Paging Rody

    Do you have BB cartridge bearings for an '85 Fat?
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    Moster Fat

    Looking for a medium Monster Fat frame or complete bike. Email me at mtballday(at)hotmail(dot)com with any leads.