Vintage road ride


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I was getting ready for our Sunday club ride when I discovered a torn sidewall on my Lemond Zurich. Rather than make a mad rush for repairs, I grabbed my trusty Slim Chance without thinking twice.

Only a few of the club members are savy enough to notice downtube shifters and were quick to ask what gearing I was running. A sympathetic "oh" went out from the group when they announced the ride would be a 75 miler.

The first 25 miles went by rather fast as there are several gradual descents and flat sections. The next 30 miles had some respectable climbs mixed in and reminded me that I was running fewer gears than I'm used to running. Out of principle, and ego, I refrained from using the smaller ring up front.

The last 20 miles became a time trial as we raced towards the finish- Green Acres; a local burrito shack with great tri-tip. My legs went numb during the last 10 miles, but I somehow stayed with the lead pack and made it to the end.

Today my secretary snickers everytime I get up from my desk as I groan from the pain in my legs. Just a little reminder of the fun I had yesterday. And it was worth every mile.