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1 Inch Threaded Fat City Box Crown Fork!


Hey Fat Folks,

I have an "extra" 1 Inch Threaded Fat City Box Crown Fork made of Reynold 531 Tandem fork blades, in black with a steerer tube length of about 5 & 3/8" and about 1 & 1/5" of clean threading-Probably best suited for a Pre 1990 (Pre-suspension) "Fat Chance" or "Wicked" in size 19.5" as it came off a stock 1987 Merlin Ti bike back when Merlin was affiliated with Fat City and used rigid Fat Forks... :?:

It's in very good shape structurally speaking, it has gussets on the inside of the fork blades and has fender/rack mounts, it is black and I can provide photos for those who are interested...I'm not really sure if I want to sell this, as I was keeping as a spare, so I just figured that I would just put this out there and see what type of response I get. :shock:


Michael-NYC 8)

This fork is no longer for sale
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