1" stem and threaded headset


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Converting a 93 Yo to a SS and want to change out the front end.
Looking for a 1" quill stem around 10cm and 0-15 degree rise - preferably salsa or syncros or similar
Also looking for a new or barely used 1" threaded headset.


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I have two virtually brand new Salsa 1" Quill stems about that size - I'll measure them tomorrow.

As they're new they won't cheap though I'm afraid....


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Digger, not meaning to thread steal! But I could also be interested in 1 of those stems :)

could you bring it to cheddar?


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Salsa stems

FYI...Salsa still sells new 1" quill stems and may even make custom stems, not certain about that though.
I bought one from them a couple of years back (1" quill, 150mm), and they had it in stock! I was impressed.