10th Anniversary Geometry


Did the 10th Anniversary frames share the geometry with the Wicked or the "Yo!"? First Flight lists it as being made of OX-III tubing, but does not give frame angles, and I don't see the bike listed in the '92 catalog.

My assumption is that it's a lighter version of the "Yo!." Am I correct, or completely off base?


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geometry for 10th...

I was thinking that it was the same as the Wicked, but after looking in the 92 catalog, you may be right about it matching the YO.
The tubing is definitely smaller diameter than the YO.
My 10th is at First Flight and Jeff is having his bike show this weekend so I will check it out a bit closer.


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it has the same geometry like the yo eddy and the titanium.

but keep in mind:
a yo eddy seattube in size M measures 17" c-c, the seattube of a 10th in size M is only 16" c-c. my 10th in size M/L measures 17" c-c like an M-sized yo eddy, it also has the 123mm steerer tube. every other yo eddy in size M/L measures 18" c-c. the 10th always have been 1" shorter on the seattube.


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maybe this was just another way to save weight :roll:.
the top tube is as long as the one on my M-sized yo eddy, so there should be no difference in riding. sitting on the 10th is a bit more comfortable (but still a race position) because of the longer steerer tube.