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1983 Fat Chance frame on E


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Might have a seat tube/top tube fillet, but with early Fats I'm not sure anything was standard. Whoever buys it better have a extra large inseam if they want to ride it.


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If I remember correctly, the first Fats were not Tig welded until 84, for the Long Beach show. This should put this Fat into the fillet brazed category. AB is right though, early Fats did not have the fabrication consistancy of the later production frames. Waiting on additional pics :D



Yo Eddy!

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You are right on that rody. MTBR member cdeger scaned a very nice article and that also mentions '84 Long Beach show.

Click here!

Cool thing is I recently got in contact with a person who had a '83 partially welded Miyata RidgeRunner, see pics below. Never knew they excisted. MTB'ing started some years later overhere.


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