1984 Fat resto


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Here's my 1984 Fat I just restored back to original specs, serial # 84124
Made from Reynolds 531, 1st year for unicrown fork, all Shimano M700, (Deer head group), Sugino AT cranks, Specialized sealed hubs with QR, Sature HX22 rims, SR laprade seatpost, Avocet racing 1 seat, Nitto Alum bullmoose bar/stem, Suntour XCII pedals, Shimano 600AX headset, Fat Chance press in bottom bracket





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84 restoration

Very nice restoration, who did the paint work and what did you do about decals?
Was the seat post clamp originally painted the same color as the frame (as it is now)?

Doug Carter

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Wow, that bike is beautiful. Fantastic work on the restoration! It is hard enough to find parts for a '94 let alone an '84 (geez, I was 14 when that bike was made). very commendable attention to detail.



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The paint job was done locally. This bike was raced in the New England in the mid to late '80 and been painted over with team colors. Originally it was all red. I tried to match the original color as close as possible. The seat post clamp is part of the frame and I assume it was painted the same color. I had the decals reproduced at Signs and Designs by SuzieQ : http://www.suzieillustrator.com/vinyl.htm The Renyolds 531 NOS decals I got off Ebay. Jeff ar First Flight Bicycles says mine is the highest numbered so far for 1984. #124

Heres a pic of the earliest Fat I've see:


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early Fat

Jeff has an 83 and an 84 Fat.
At his shop he also has my 82 Fat, serial number #8213. Does anyone have anything earlier?


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niiiice '84,i'm lucky enough to have a 100% original in mint cond. myself-great to look at and fun to run-.......once in awhile


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84 Fat

OK nicewrench, don't just tease us, how about some pictures of your bike?

KB11, I had not looked at this thread recently, but your bike is a thing of beauty. I don't recall any others with the cable routed over the left side of the BB either, only the right side. I would like to see close up pics of the BB and the seat post clamp.

I can take some pics of my 82, (although it is not nearly as pretty as this bike).